Arogya Maitri Cube: India Unveils World’s First Portable Hospital

Gujarat: India has introduced a pioneering portable disaster hospital, an innovative facility that can be transported by air and comprises of 72 individual units. This remarkable initiative is part of the Centre’s ambitious “Project BHISHM” (Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog Hita and Maitri), which was unveiled in February 2022. The project was officially inaugurated during the MedTech Expo held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The Aarogya Maitri Cube: Design and Features

  • The heart of this innovative disaster hospital lies in its collection of 72 cubes, each housing a diverse range of essential equipment and supplies.
  • Among these are a fully equipped operation theatre, a state-of-the-art mini-ICU, cutting- edge ventilators, advanced blood test equipment, a high-quality X-ray machine, a well- equipped cooking station, plentiful food and water supplies, secure shelter, a reliable power generator, and much more.
  • These innovative cubes have been ingeniously designed to deliver essential medical care and provide vital humanitarian aid in the aftermath of natural disasters and humanitarian crises.
  • This versatile medical facility is capable of effectively treating a wide range of severe injuries. It has the capabilities to handle various types of injuries, including 40 bullet wounds, 25 major burns, approximately 10 head injuries, fractures in long limbs, spinal injuries, chest injuries, and spinal fractures.
  • Engineered specifically for disaster situations, this hospital is designed to cater to the diverse medical needs of survivors.

A Modular Solution for Disaster Relief

  • Aarogya Maitri Cube is designed in a modular fashion, which greatly improves its efficiency and adaptability for disaster relief missions. It consists of 72 cubes that can be combined to form a specialized cage capable of accommodating 36 mini-cubes.
  • This modular approach enhances the overall effectiveness and flexibility of the solution in responding to disasters.
  • The mini-cubes mentioned here are packed with everything essential for the survival of 100 individuals for duration of 48 hours.
  • It is worth noting that there are two master cubes designed to be interconnected, allowing them to accommodate a maximum of 200 survivors.
  • The cubes’ design takes inspiration from the iconic “Rubik’s Cube,” ensuring that each cube remains lightweight, weighing less than 20kg.
  • This lightweight feature allows for easy manual transportation over distances of up to a kilometer, enabling rapid deployment to areas affected by disasters.

A Portable Hospital Care

  • Each master cube, which consists of 36 mini-cubes, weighs less than 750 kg. Upon combining two of these cubes, they transform into a portable hospital capable of conducting life-saving surgeries and delivering comprehensive medical care.
  • This exceptional flexibility ensures that the Aarogya Maitri Cube can easily adapt to the unique requirements of each disaster situation, offering vital care precisely when and where it is most needed.

Smart Technology Integrated

  • The disaster hospital has introduced a tablet-based application to enhance operational efficiency across all 72 cubes seamlessly.
  • Additionally, a portable generator is included in the kit, offering both traditional and solar panel-based power options to ensure a constant and reliable energy supply for the entire setup.
  • Moreover, the equipment provided is rechargeable, promoting sustainability in disaster relief operations.

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