Bridging Language Barriers and Beyond: Amitabh Nag, CEO, Bhashini

In an exclusive interview with ilouge Media, we delve into the visionary world of Bhashini, dedicated to overcoming language barriers in the diverse landscape of India. Amitabh Nag, CEO of Bhashini, shares insights into the company’s mission, its transformative impact on the industry, and the remarkable strides made towards a more inclusive digital future.

Could you provide a brief overview of Bhashini’s mission and its significance in the industry?

Bhashini’s mission is to transcend the language barrier in India, a country known for its linguistic diversity. We aim to achieve this by providing translation services through both text and speech modalities, effectively reaching the last mile and bridging the digital and literacy divide. Voice plays a crucial role in this endeavor, and our goal is to connect with people across different languages using innovative technologies.

Bhashini has achieved significant milestones. Can you highlight some key accomplishments and how they align with the company’s vision?

We’ve made notable progress in several areas. The Bhashini app, for instance, facilitates translation between 12 languages through both text and voice. We’ve collaborated with NPCI to enable voice-based payments, providing a convenient and inclusive solution. Additionally, our integration with education apps helps assess language fluency, contributing to the educational landscape. The BM Kisan chatbot, available in multiple languages, addresses farmers’ queries effectively. Document translation, video translation, website translation, and collaboration with partners for audio packaging are all part of our comprehensive approach.

How does Bhashini measure citizen satisfaction levels, and what steps are being taken to continuously improve?

Being an AI technology, continuous improvement is vital. We have implemented feedback loops to collect valuable data from users. This allows us to understand user experiences and enhance our systems over time. As we move forward, these feedback mechanisms will play a crucial role in driving comprehensive improvements.

What are the future plans for Bhashini in terms of collaborations or new projects?

Bhashini, being a language translation API, aims to create ecosystems that foster collaboration and innovation. We welcome collaborations with various entities to explore new solutions. While it’s challenging to list them all due to the extensive nature of potential collaborations, we are open to partnering with diverse stakeholders to continue expanding our capabilities.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the role of AI in the future?

From Bhashini’s perspective, we see AI as a pivotal force. As one of the largest AI platforms, we believe AI will empower people to enhance various aspects of their lives. It will enable individuals to do more with less, freeing up time for activities crucial to education, health, innovation, and more. The future of AI lies in its ability to aid and improve, contributing to a more efficient and progressive society.

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