Harnessing Technology: PM Modi and Bill Gates Discuss its Impact on Agriculture, Education, and Health

In a recent interaction, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a conversation with philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, emphasizing the significant impact technology can have on sectors such as agriculture, education, and health. Modi highlighted his government’s efforts and ambitions for leveraging technology to address critical issues.

Prime Minister Modi identified agriculture, education, and health as pivotal sectors where technology can play a transformative role. He expressed determination to bridge the digital divide in India, ensuring that advancements benefit all segments of society. Modi emphasized allocating funds for local research in cervical cancer to develop affordable vaccines, particularly for girls.

During the discussion, Modi reiterated his commitment to vaccination efforts, especially for girls, and underscored the necessity of digital public infrastructure. Bill Gates commended India’s leadership in this regard.

Addressing climate change, Modi proposed redefining development parameters to include concepts like ‘green GDP’ and ‘green employment’ instead of metrics like electricity or steel usage, which can be detrimental to the environment.

On the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Modi cautioned against viewing it merely as a magic tool or a replacement for human effort. He shared examples of utilizing AI in translating speeches during the G20 summit and multilingual addresses at various events, suggesting continuous improvement with technologies like ChatGPT.

Demonstrating the practical use of technology, Modi showcased a face-recognition feature on his app by taking a selfie with Gates. He emphasized his belief in democratizing technology, ensuring equal opportunities for all, especially in rural areas.

Responding to Gates’ inquiry, Modi expressed his fascination with technology while maintaining that he is not enslaved by it. He described his approach as having a childlike curiosity for technological advancements.

Highlighting India’s digital revolution, Modi emphasized the importance of preventing monopolies and empowering common people to drive technological progress. He mentioned initiatives like the ‘Drone Didi’ scheme for women in agriculture and leveraging technology to provide remote healthcare services.

Reflecting on India’s use of the CoWin platform for Covid vaccination during the pandemic, Modi showcased the nation’s ability to innovate and deliver crucial services efficiently.

Prime Minister expressed confidence in India’s role in the fourth industrial revolution, emphasizing the potential of digital technology to address societal challenges and drive inclusive growth.

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