Proactive & Reactive Security Mechanisms along with Agile Recovery Capabilities is Essential to Cyber Resilience

Proactive and Reactive Security Mechanisms along with Agile Recovery Capabilities is Essential to Cyber Resilience -Dipesh Jain, Dy. General Manager (IT), Power Finance Corporation, in Conversation with iLouge Media shares his perspectives on adopting the right strategy to combat cyber threats and safeguard organizations.

Enemy state sponsored attacks are increasingly targeted towards state owned companies. Being the custodian of critical public infrastructure, how are Companies keeping them ready to contain such attacks?

In today’s era of omni-digitalization, availability of IT services is the key to business operations which dictate the need of cyber-resilience in the organization. To become Cyber-resilient, it is required to have a comprehensive assessment of security posture and correspondingly deployment of proactive & reactive security mechanisms along with agile recovery capabilities.

What’s your take on framework like Zero Trust to Authenticate, Authorize and Audit cyber security architecture?

Zero Trust Architecture is an indispensable security approach which states the fundamental principles of designing the access control strategy for identification, authentication, & authorization of a user or application, to access the critical IT assets like operating system, middleware, database, network etc. ZTA mechanism helps in plugging the security gaps in the entry/exit points and should be strictly implemented through the defined processes, deployed technologies and people engaged in the organization.

What do you think is the right strategy to solve the Challenges of cyber and network security due to the increasing use of digital technologies?

Keeping the ever-evolving threat landscape in mind, the organizations shall formulate a security framework based on the present security posture vis-à-vis impact assessment of a plausible cyber- attack on the organisation in terms of business productivity, data, monetary, reputation etc. This shall help the organisation in drafting the right IT security strategy to solve the challenges of cyber and network security.

Organizations have to build both Prevent, Detect & respond strategy… Robust Security operations center (SOC) for round-the-clock protection with automated & orchestrated approach. Where do you see PSUs adopting the same?

Having a well-equipped Security Operations Centre (SoC) with orchestrated layer of automation and executed by skilled security personnel, is PSUs top priority to tackle the horrific cyber threat landscape present these days. The PSUs are gearing up their future IT strategies and budgets for having a state-of-the-art SOC, for round the clock protection of their digital assets utilizing the Prevent Detect & Respond strategy for becoming cyber-resilient against the worst of security incidents.

As a successful and experienced technocrat what would be your message to young minds willing to join the Public Sector Industry? Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

India fosters plethora of brilliant young minds to whom the Public sector organisations can provide excellent employment opportunities with multi perks remunerations along with work-life balance. PSU provides a good creative free environment which enables of breeding of innovations and discoveries. PSU has good budgets and research opportunities and the budgets to source such wonder projects. The youth should give their best shot to work in PSUs either at fresher level or lateral level and focus on building capabilities which shall eventually fetch fruitful results to the individual and society at large.

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