Tata Memorial Centre Introduces State-of-the-Art Intraoperative Ultrasound Machine for Brain Tumor Surgeries

The Neurosurgery department at Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), Mumbai, has achieved a significant milestone with the acquisition of a cutting-edge intraoperative Ultrasound (iUS) machine, the bKActiv system. This state-of-the-art technology, unveiled on 1st June 2024, marks the first installation of this advanced iUS system in India, positioning TMC at the forefront of neurosurgical innovation.

The neurosurgery team, led by the esteemed Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi, has been a pioneer in the application of intraoperative ultrasound in India and stands among the leading teams globally. The iUS is recognized for its cost-efficiency and potential to become a vital tool in the neurosurgeon’s repertoire with appropriate training. This acquisition is expected to significantly enhance the precision and safety of complex brain tumour surgeries performed at TMC.

Intraoperative Ultrasound: Enhancing Surgical Precision

Intraoperative imaging is critical for the accurate and safe removal of intrinsic brain tumours. The iUS machine, combined with navigational aids—akin to a surgical GPS—enables neurosurgeons to meticulously track tumour remnants during surgery. When integrated with brain mapping techniques such as awake surgery, the system facilitates the radical removal of tumours, even those situated near essential brain regions.

Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi, Chief of Neurosurgery at TMC believes this advanced tool is likely to help his team and benefit the large number of brain tumour patients operated at the centre, many of whom are unable to access state-of-the-art care at subsidized rates elsewhere. iUS, being less costly than other intraoperative imaging systems (like intraoperative MRI), is particularly beneficial for resource constrained healthcare systems like ours.

The department has also led efforts to train neurosurgeons and equip them with the necessary skills to optimally perform iUS-guided surgeries, conducting training courses both in India as well as globally, hoping that more neurosurgeons can adopt this useful technique and disseminate the benefits to a larger number of patients across India.

Dr. A Moiyadi also pointed out that this equipment was procured with the aid of a generous grant provided by UBS. He said that TMC is grateful for the support provided by UBS and highlighted the importance of such contributions, which strengthens TMC’s efforts of providing advanced cancer care for all Indians.

Speaking at the launch event, Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande, Deputy Director of Tata Memorial Hospital said, ‘We are committed to designing active imaging systems that help surgeons visualize anatomy and lesions, guide interventions, and navigate inside the human body – and this collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing healthcare technology in India. Poised to revolutionize neurosurgery, the bkActiv Ultrasound system.


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